Currently, Around 100 NGOs, Private Entities, and Individuals Rally in Support of the AI for Developing Countries Initiative, With More Supporters on the Horizon

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AI for Equality: Transforming Justice, Uniting Worlds

The AI for Developing Countries Forum is driven by a vision to revolutionize justice through technology, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their location or economic status, has equal access to legal services. This initiative leverages AI to dismantle barriers to justice in underserved regions, embodying our commitment to equality and empowering communities worldwide with the tools for sustainable progress.

NGOs, Foundations and

As of 12th February 2024, over 60 NGOs, foundations, and associations have officially endorsed the initiatives of the AI for Developing Countries Forum, demonstrating a strong and growing commitment to leveraging AI for equitable legal access globally.

  • International Peace Commission (IPC)
  • Brain Sluice Africa Child’s
  • Fédération Internationale de la Diaspora Afar(FIDA)
  • Sahkar Social Welfare Association
  • Admighty Foundation
  • Asociación de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila(ATRAHDOM)
  • Amigos do Protocolo de Kyoto
  • Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders(CSHRD)
  • Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development International(NDWPD)
  • El Insaniya
  • Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies
  • African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI)
  •  African Law Foundation (AFRILAW)
  • Media Monitoring Africa
  • AsyLex
  • International Society for Peace and Safety
  • Score More Foundation
  • Empower India
  • Initiative for African Youth Advancement, Advocacy and Empowerment
  • Standup for Women
  • Peace One Day (POD-MALI)
  • Panamanian Institute of Law and New Technologies (IPANDETEC)
  • Centre de Formation Femmes et Jeunes
  • Shikshit Yuva Sewa Samiti
  • Organization of Youth for the World of the Future (OJMA)
  • Youth Path Organisation
  • Eakok Attomanobik Unnayan Sangstha
  • Youthlead
  • Community Partners for Sustainable Development (COPSUD)
  • Jeunesse et Emplois Verts pour une Economie Verte (ONG JEVEV)
  • Association de Développements  Agricole Educatif et Sanitaire de Manono
  • Pan Africa Girl Child Education Foundation
  • Association du Développement et de la Promotion de l’Homme
  • Association Aide aux Femmes et Enfants
  • Paradise Mission for Widows and Teenage Girls
  • Apostolic Ministerial International Network(AMIN)
  • Kalipa Foundation for Development
  • Initiative for Youth Awareness on Climate Change
  • International College of Nutrition(ICN)
  • Children Education and Social Welfare Society(CEWS)
  • Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc
  • Human Rigths And Forest Brain Africa(HURIFBA)
  • Blessed Aid
  • Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB)
  • Open Dreams
  • Action Works Nepal (AWON)
  • Construisons ensemble le monde (ONG CEM)
  • Force Juvénile pour un Avenir Rassurant (FOJAR)
  • YouthBuild Sierra Leone
  • Kituo Cha Sheria – Legal Advice Centre
  • Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD)
  • Mauritanian League for Associative Action
  • Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL)
  • Sharing and Action in Synergy for Development (PASYD)
  • Young Visionary Leaders International
  • Women Against Violence and Exploitation WAVE Foundation
  • Vigilance Committee for Democracy in Tunisia
  • Africa Child Foundation Mission of Tanzania
  • International Solidarity for Africa (SIA)
  • Groupement Agro-pastoral pour le développement de Yongoro(GADY)
  • Society For the Widows and Orphans (SOWIPHANS) 
  • Association for the Promotion of Human Rights (APDH)
  • Estonia Chinese Chamber of Commerce (EECN)
  • UAE-China Chamber of Commerce (UECN)
  • International Law and Technology Interprobability Association (ILTIA)
  • Geneva International Dispute Resolution Institute (GIDI)
  • Millennium Child Support Group
  • Prime Initiative for Green Development
  • Global Care Rescue Mission (GCRM)
  • Youth Awareness And Guidance Organisation
  • Divine Act Charitable Trust
  • Community Restoration Initiative Project
  • Mano River Sustainable Development Association Pty Ltd
  • Women Information Network (WINET)
  • Michael and Francisca Foundation
  • International Human Rights Organization

Our forum celebrates the robust participation of private entities alongside NGOs and foundations, creating a powerful coalition dedicated to embedding AI in the quest for global legal equity. This collective effort underscores our shared vision of a future where justice is universally accessible, powered by innovation and collaboration.

Private Entites

Our supporting entities span an impressive range, including global leading law firms and a broad array of companies from sectors such as AI, medical, and industry, showcasing a diverse commitment to advancing AI for global legal equity.

  • Helen Tung, Barrister of Tung Chambers
  • Saravanan Dhandapani, Chairman of Council for National and International Commercial Arbitration (CNICA)
  • Wan Azlian Ahmad, Advocates and Solicitors of Wan Azlian & Co
  • Joel Jason Norris, Global Cyber Security Officer of Defense Architecture
  • Luciano Giannini, CEO of E4SD Limited
  • Olga Tsiptse, Lawer of the MEDI Lution team
  • Fabio Marazzi, Senior Managing Partner of Marazzi & Associati
  • Alfeo Pareschi, VP from Davra
  • Sebastian Prechtl, Founder and CEO of Conext EOS
  • Alessandra Mourao, Managing Partner of Nascimento e Mourão Advogados
  • Martin Victor, Cordinations Manager of Just Clean It Limited
  • Michele Laurelli , CEO from Algoretico SRL

Our forum invites public entities and individuals to join a diverse coalition aiming to use AI for worldwide legal equity, showcasing the vital contributions of each partner towards accessible justice for all.

Public Entities

Empowering Global Justice Through AI with Public Entities Leading the Way.

Cebu City Government


More renowned individuals joining our cause will be announced shortly, highlighting the growing support for our mission.

Ireen Nambule-Samulozela, Mediator and Conciliator
Ajit Kumar Mishra, Chief Project Manager